8 Best Apps to Hide Photos in Android 2024

In this Digital world, our whole personal and professional life is wrapped up with technology and the small part of this is our smartphone which we carry along in our pockets. We capture our memories in the form of photos and videos, which you may want to keep private. But sometimes it may fall to someone’s hand or sometimes we pass our phone to a friend without knowing about their true intentions. Alright if you are an android user, then you don’t need to worry about it, as there are multiple apps to hide your photos and videos. Well, we have listed the best apps to hide photos and videos in android.

Apps to Hide Photos and Videos in Android 2021

1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

It’s been around for quite a long time and is still one of the best app to hide your photos and videos from others. The app is becoming more secure by getting more and more updates over the years. It provides you PIN, pattern, fingerprint authentication option to safeguard your stuff. And the most important part of the app is that they provide you clean and easy to use interface.

It shows you clutter-free and categorized folder grid, you can directly jump to any of the folders and safeguard your photos, even you can password protect your personal id. KeepSafe also gives you private cloud space to store the data.

8 Best Apps to Hide Photos in Android 2024
KeepSafe Photo Vault

Main Features: Easy to use and simple interface, loaded with extra function but you need to pay for it.

Free Download, in-app purchases start at $0.99

2. LockMyPix Photo Vault

This one of my favorite app to hide or guarding my photos and videos, the name of the app is self-explanatory this is designed to provide the safest media file vault for protecting your personal media files. The app is backed by the AES encryption method to lock your files behind a pin or pattern. App gives you a great user experience that lets you encrypt photos and videos directly from your home screen. You can even click the picture instantly and add them to the vault. The add-on features allow you to unlock the app by using your fingerprint and shake the device to lock, and you can even hide the icon from the app drawer. And most importantly you get the option to set up the fake login credentials in the pro version.

8 Best Apps to Hide Photos in Android 2024
LockMyPix Photo Vault

Main Features: AES Encryption, Secure vault, can’t capture screenshot of the contents.

Free Download, upgrade to Pro version for $1.99

3. 1Galley

Basically 1Gallery is a photo galley App for viewing and managing media files. But the ultimate feature in this gallery app that it hides media files with strong encryption within the phone. There are lots of apps to hide photos and videos in the Android Play Store but they use .nomedia extension to hide media files so that the files are not scannable. But in the case of 1Gallery app, they totally encrypt the file that no one can find the file, even if they get the root access. 1Galley provide you three mode of protection PIN, pattern and fingerprint authentication to hide your photos and videos. In terms of design, the app has a modern look with a pretty much simple and clear design.

hide photo gallery1

Main Features: Modern look, Simple interface, easy to use, dark mode.

Free Download, in-app purchases start at $0.99

4. Calculator by FishingNet

The calculator is a unique app in the list, this app looks and acts like a calculator, but behind it, that app has a secure vault hidden. Sometimes if anyone uses your phone regularly you can use this app as a calculator without giving any kind of clue to anyone that you are hiding photo and video from them. Just you have to put your pin in the calculator and click on the ”=” key to enter. From the security point of view, the app is really secure as it encrypts the media files and well sorted. Let’s talk something about the features, the app comes with the feature of intruder selfie which allows taking a selfie of the person who tries to unlock the phone with wrong passwords. You can shake your phone to close the app in any kind of emergency.

hide photo calculator
Calculator by FishingNet

Main Features: Calculator like vault no one can guess, AES encryption, Intruder Selfie, Shake to close the app.

Free Download, Offers in-app purchases

5. Hide something

This is one of the easiest among all the apps for hiding photos and videos on your android device. App provides you PIN, pattern, and fingerprint authentication to make safe your media files from the prey eyes. The app consists of fake login mode to take your privacy a level up. And the most amazing feature of the app is that it doesn’t show in the recently used app list. Hide something also take the backup of your photos and videos in the google drive and make sure that you can only access the files through the desktop browser.

hide photo hide something
Hide something

Main Features: Simple interface, Desktop browsing features.

Free Download, get premium license for $2.99

6. Vault

As the name suggests, all the apps above mentioned help you to hide photo and video from your phone but Vault let you hide Photos, Videos, Phone data, SMS, Contacts and even call logs. It houses all your private information. The app comes with necessary features you have the ability to create multiple or fake vaults, make app icon disappear from your home screen, as well as you get free cloud storage backup. But my most favorite feature in the app is the incognito browser that has already in the app you can browse the internet without leaving any footprint.

hide photo vault

Main Features: all in one privacy app, In-built incognito browser.

Free Download, in-app purchases start at $0.99

7. GalleryVault

This is one of the popular photos and video hiding app in the Play Store, GalleryVault let you quickly hide and encrypt the photos, videos, and any other files that you don’t want others to see. GalleryVault has simple and elegant interface design that give easy access to all your hidden files easily. The app is also equipped with shake lock, fake login attempts, fingerprint authentication, stealth mode, and more. The app also supports private browsing within the app.

hide photo app

Main Features: Inbuilt private browsing support, full featured privacy app.

Free Download, upgrade to Pro version for $5.99

8. PhotoGuard

PhotoGuard is another app that you can consider for hiding photos and videos in your android device. The app comes with AES-256 encryption and can’t brute-forced to open the vault. Other than that app also provide cloud backup and claims to keep the encryption on all the way whether its android device or cloud backup. You can protect your photos and videos with PIN, pattern, and fingerprint authentication. And the best part is that you can add an extra layer of security even inside the vault. Example you can add a password inside the vault. PhotoGuard has Intruder mode to take a selfie of the person tries to break the password.

hide photo app

Main Features: AES-256 bit encryption, Two-layer protection and Private camera.

Free Download, Offers in-app purchases

If you are really serious about the privacy of your photos and videos, then I’m really sure that at least one of my suggestions will help you in hiding your photos and videos. Share your opinion in the comments section below.