Google Virtual Visiting Card, People Cards rolls out in India

Google always amazes you with its new features roll out or new updates. So this time Google has rolled out a new Search feature in India called People Cards (Google Virtual Visiting Card) that enables influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, an existing business owner, or anyone else who wants to be easily discovered online to create a virtual visiting card. It seems to be the company’s latest attempt to add more LinkedIn like functionalities to the search engine.

The company has also said that People Cards (Virtual Visiting Card) is first launched in India. because being the world’s second-largest internet market average internet users in India looking to have their profile appear on Google to mark their online presence. Currently, people card only supports English.

From now users can create people cards about themselves by sign-in into their Google account and then looking up their name on Google search. This will give rise to a new option called “add me to Search” or “get started” by taping this it will open a new form that asks users to provide a description about themselves with their picture by default, fetched from their google account. and some optional things are there like links to their website and social media profiles, phone number, address, work and education details, and email address.

Google has also said the more information user will provide in people cards, it would be easier to find them on Google search. To stop the misuse of the new feature, the number of people cards a Google account can create is set to one. Other than that it is necessary to have a phone number to authenticate the user.

Furthermore, the company has also said they will keep adding new protection mechanisms to check on abusive or spammy content. It is also giving users the ability to report low-quality information about their profile something they feel might have been created by an impersonator, with the feedback link. you can also delete your card and prevent it from appearing in Google Search.

google virtual visiting card people cards

Till now if you are searching for some well-known personalities, businessmen, or entrepreneur google will show you knowledge panel with various information collected from multiple sources in an easy to understand format. If you are searching for some not-so-famous individual you will sometimes not get the relevant information. But with the roll-out of the People Cards (Google Virtual Visiting Card), Google is trying to solve that problem by offering users the ability to create a profile for themselves by adding all their relevant information and details in one place so that they can appear in the google search results.

How to Create People Cards (Google Virtual Visiting Card)

  1. Open a mobile browser on your phone and log in to your Google account.
  2. In the search box, search for “add me to search”.
  3. You should now see a prompt saying that Add yourself to Google Search, click the Get started button below to begin setting up your People Card.
  4. On the following screen, enter your mobile number and verify the same using the six-digit OTP code.
  5. Next, fill-up the form with all your relevant details.
  6. Finally, click on Preview to view your virtual visiting card.

With the roll-out of People Cards users can easily add their information or their business information all their social profiles, websites, and other related information relevant to them. In google search so that they get more reach and businesses get more visibility.

Final Words

For the millions of influencers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, self-employed individuals, or anyone else who wants to be discovered, I hope this search feature called people cards is really going to help them, by creating their own google virtual visiting card. What do you guys think let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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