Google Meet is free now, video conferencing for everyone

Anyone with google account and use Google meet for free, and let you make video calls with 100 participants without paying any money.

Google meet previously available to business with a premium G-Suite account, but last month company announced that Google meet is free for everyone with and the rollout is complete and anyone with Google account can use it and start chatting.

According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, Goggle meet has also updated with live subtitles and low-light mode for better picture quality in a dark atmosphere.

You can give a try to google meet by visiting the site, or you can download Android and IOS. You can set up meetings and invite people through google calendar with just a tap.

google meet
Google Meet shortcut in Gmail

More Cherry on the Cake

Other than making google meet free for all, Google is adding new features as making it directly accessible from Gmail. From now google meet allows us to see up to 16 call participants at once, previously it was just 4 participants. To share higher-quality video content with other callers, users can now choose to present a Chrome tab rather than just presenting their window or the entire screen.

Facebook messenger meet which is going too integrated with WhatsApp soon, Skype, Google Duo, and Zoom all offering free multi-way video calls too, it seems that the hardest part of the video conferencing app might soon be getting everyone to agree on the same app.