Best YouTube to mp3 Online Converter in 2024

Convert your favorite videos of YouTube to mp3 online without installing any software on your phone and computer.

YouTube has a whole lot of songs than any other website on the internet. But the problem is that you can’t listen to them outside the YouTube & YouTube Music App. In fact, you have to take a subscription for the YouTube music app.

Sometimes it’s better not to spend money, there are many convenient ways to convert and download YouTube to mp3 online.

Unfortunately, there are many free online ways to download YouTube videos to mp3 and play offline on your devices like mobile and computer. We’ve listed some of the best YouTube to mp3 converter online, that are free, easy to use, and truly online—that is, they don’t require you to use outside software.

Free YouTube to mp3 converters online

1. YTMP3

youtube to mp3 online

It’s pretty much straightforward, and efficient

How to use: Paste your YouTube Video link into the blue search box, hit ‘convert,’ then hit ‘download.’ If a new tab pops up, close out of it—and that’s it. A few seconds later, you’ll have the offline MP3 file of your YouTube Video.

2. GenYoutube

Best YouTube to mp3 Online Converter in 2024

It gives you multiple ways to convert YouTube Videos to mp3 online, depending on your preference which one is more convenient to you.

How to use: If you want to convert your video right on the site, just paste YouTube URL into the search box at the top of the website and click on the Go button next to the search box, a new page will open there you will find “generate link” button click on that within few seconds media files link will be generated and ready to download. Click on any of the media file links of your choice and start the download.

Most importantly GenYoutube gives you the option to download Firefox, Chrome, and Safari extensions. So that you can download or convert your YouTube videos to mp3 or any other format online on the go.

3. Y2mate

Best YouTube to mp3 Online Converter in 2024

It gives you a better experience as Y2mate also gives you multiple options to convert YouTube videos to mp3 online.

How to use: You have to just copy and paste the YouTube video URL to the search box and within a second it will automatically fetch your YouTube video and give you multiple download options, you have to just click on the dropdown and select the video or audio format you want to download, that’s it now just click on the green download button next to that dropdown.


Best YouTube to mp3 Online Converter in 2024

It’s super easy to use. Also, the site design is fun.

How to use: Just paste your desired YouTube video URL in the search box and select the media format from the dropdown that you want to convert and click on the convert button. It will show you the progress bar of your YouTube Video to mp3 conversion and within sometime your video is downloaded. And the best part of this website is that this will give you an option to convert another video on the new tab.


Best YouTube to mp3 Online Converter in 2024

The best part of this site is intuitive to use and it converts files quickly. But sometimes it will show you some popup ads that are annoying.

How to use: Just like other YouTube to mp3 online Converter listed above this one is almost same, you have to just paste the YouTube video URL and it will automatically fetch the video to be converted and show you two option mp3 and mp4 (Video) select your desired one and click on Red “Convert” button. That’s it your YouTube video is now converted to mp3.

Wrap Up

So guys what are you waiting for, now listen to your favorite YouTube songs offline without paying a penny. And please let me know in the comments section below, out of these Five YouTube to mp3 online converter which one you like the most.